Is a Shelter Operation the Best Option for You?

Contract Manufacturing Operations have the obvious effect of a limited oversight of quality control and logistics - especially true for operations in Asia.

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary allows a manufacturer complete control over all aspects of their business. However, it involves a long-term commitment, has high start-up costs and requires knowledge of doing business in Mexico. This option is appropriate for large multinationals that are experienced in offshore operations. Many companies currently operating as a wholly owned subsidiary in Mexico began their operations through the use of a Shelter where they gained necessary experience with a minimum amount of risk.

A Joint Venture with a Mexican partner who knows the local business environment is an option for some manufacturers. Finding the right partner - one who will contribute expertise, technology and capital - makes this option difficult to pursue and impractical for most.

Shelter Operation

In a Shelter Operation, we perform most tasks involved with opening and operating
a manufacturing facility in Mexico. A Shelter is a relatively risk-free way to begin
manufacturing / assembling in Mexico. The manufacturer provides the materials,
production equipment and retains control over quality while the Shelter provides the
manufacturing facility, the workforce, Customs services and is responsible for all
the permits, licenses and legal requirements. The Shelter Plan allows a manufacturer
the opportunity to test productivity and savings. Both start up costs and start up
times are minimized.

Benefits of Focus Mexico's Shelter Operations
  • Our Mexico Maquiladora experience is unmatched and dates back to 1977. We have the knowledge and background to create a seamless, rapid transition for your company.
  • Your company can manufacture in Mexico without organizing a Mexican subsidiary and the resulting legal exposure.
  • The learning curve and cultural challenge are eliminated while the lower labor costs can be realized immediately.
  • Our Shelter Plan allows you flexibility in size and allows either short or long-term commitment.
  • You and your company retain absolute control of your manufacturing and assembly processes while we do everything else!
Here are some of the services you can expect from the Focus Mexico Shelter Plan:
  • Plant and administrative management.
  • Human resources and personnel - a labor force with the necessary skills and experience to produce your product.
  • Payroll and accounting administration in Mexico.
  • Facility space, utilities and maintenance.
  • Taxes, permits and licenses.
  • Customs and import/export documentation.
  • Environmental permits.
  • Support from our experienced managers to get your operation up and running smoothly.